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Lexi's Universe details a day in the passing of a desolate, purposeless world and its single resident. An introspective into growing up, dealing with anxiety, coming out as transgender and seeking happiness.

  1. Look to You

  2. Lexi vs. The Universe

  3. Infinite Sad

  4. No Memory

  5. Koi Pond

  6. Careful, Blissful

  7. Maiden's Archives

  8. Lys and The Stars

  9. Don't Leave Me

  10. Sound World (ft. srah)

  11. This Castle Stands Still

  12. Sleepygaze

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lys' encyclopedia



lys' encyclopedia



lys' encyclopedia



lys' encyclopedia


Look to You
Lexi >> Me

Lexi vs. The Universe
La la la

Infinite Sad
[it's alright]

Wake up myself, are you upset?
It haunts me.

I await for the world, it seeks to reveal me
Only whenever I'm bold, these vines embrace us.

No Memory
Don't forget me, you don't know "it".
Don't know me, time stood still.

Koi Pond
I like to feel so numb, forget what sin I've done

I know after all this time I feel comfy when online.
"Feel so sick to be alone" - I don't think so anymore.

Careful, Blissful
[that's the me i want to be]

I don't care about you anymore.
Today I'm going to be myself,
I shouldn't care what others might think because this is the real me.
No, I know I'm always filled with uncertainty but this is the real me.

Maiden's Archives
Breathe this world, I loathe it so.
How? I can't live much more.

I'm singing a newer elegy:
Take me away to another place much greater, it's so lonely breathing all this dust underwater, please end it.

Hopeless I wait, I don't mean to be so desparate. It's so awful I don't want to be seen like this.

As if any of this mattered...
Have you forgotten about me?

Lys and The Stars
Cold, numb, I sit outside.
Look towards the moon and these skies once more.

Lift me up, I know where to go
no one else calls this star...

What's below this sea I know?
This book; it shows where I once came from

Lift me up, I know where to go.
No one else calls this star home.
I know where to go now, all alone.

Don't Leave Me
Don't leave me right here, it's cold outside.

Sound World (ft. srah)
I have spun so many times, I have spun through these walls.

I used to float inside my head wrapped in vines beneath a sapphire sky, unaware I lost myself to my mind.
This reflection stretches out beyond an endless sea of doubt.
I'm reaching for reality, years its taken me.

This Castle Stands Still
[don't underestimate me]

[even after everything that's happened i wanted to change again]

[i've decided to do only the things i really want to do]

Do you know just how I feel now?
Cuz nothing's been the same to me.

This weight is lifting off my shoulders, I don't think I want to be here again.
[thank you, i'm sorry]

sleep it off, let time soak in.

additional notes
Sound World - Lyrics by Sarah, Assistance by Tammy.